Why? I don’t get it…

Why did you block me? I mean, we haven’t talked to each other or had any interaction fro 3 weeks, I don’t understand. Was it or girlfriend? or was it you? maybe it was her, who knows…maybe she really can’t control her jealousy and get over the fact that you and I have history together. To be honest, if she did is the one who blocked me from your phone I completely understand why she did it. It wasn’t right what we did… that kiss shouldn’t have happened. But that was over a year ago and I thought you guys were are a good place right now, I mean, you practically shout it on my face that you guys had sex. What made her blocked me then? I don’t even look at you anymore well, I try not to, she knows or at least I hope she knows that you and me…don’t exist, we are over, we’ve been gone a long time ago now. But oh well, maybe she still feels paranoid or I don’t know maybe she just doesn’t trust you. Even if one part of me is telling me that maybe she was the one who blocked me or forced you to do it, there is this part that makes me think, what if you were the one who actually blocked me? but then again, why would you do that? what purpose do you have? we are not friends anymore, we don’t have any sort of relationship or communication… we are like strangers right now. Why would you block me then huh? did you maybe thought about us and felt angry or sad? did you saw something that made you do that? did you remember something about what we used to do? or did you simply want me to disappear from your life? you’re seriously so difficult to keep up with. I don’t get you… I don’t get what you’re doing… one day you act as if I was painted on the walls, then next day you try hard not to stare but I can feel your eyes on me, other days you just randomly make small conversations with me. This is so annoying! sometimes I wish I could get inside your mind and connect all the dots and finally continue with my life. This are the things that pull me back to you, I mean, I don’t even know why I checked if you were online!?! wtf why do I keep doing this to myself? WHY DO I STILL CARE ABOUT YOU? C’MON IT’S BEEN YEARSSSSSSS I know it’s not that painful anymore, but it still hurts and you still make it somehow difficult for me to move on from you.


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