To the other women,

To the other women,

If you got this letter then congratulations! you’ve probably entered his heart. But I’m going to be 100% honest with you, it’s not going to be easy, by this time, I don’t think it’s necessary for me to tell you that it’s not going to be an easy ride. Sometimes you’re going to want to literally cut his head off, sometimes you’re going to feel your heart aching in your hand and slowly breaking apart, but other times he’s going to make you feel so special and loved that all that pain will feel like it’s worth it. Sometimes, he’s going to make you feel like the happiest and luckiest women on earth. Unfortunately, I gave up on him. I couldn’t do it anymore, we were just too different, our minds were on a different page. We got to the point where we wouldn’t stop fighting, and the funny thing is that most of the time we would fight over silly and worthless things that I even can’t remember, but I’m certain they weren’t t worth our time and my tears. I guess I just got tired of trying and getting nothing back. The thing is that, he’s so unique that it’s really difficult and complex to deal with him, but don’t get me wrong he’s a wonderful person, which is why I wrote you this letter. Even though he didn’t appreciate the one who truly, completely loved him… he deserves to have another chance at commitment, he deserves to be loved again, Cause once he opens his heart to you, he wont stop… he wont let you go. He never let me go, I was the one who left. Anyway, what I’m going to tell you next is going to help you understand him and help you see him with different eyes. Trust me, I’ve known this guys for quite a long time, I think I even know him better than I know myself, so please believe in every word you read, and just know that I did this with the best intention my heart could give. For starters, even if sometimes he’s going to put this strong, confident cocky guy mask on, you need to know that he’s extremely sensible. All that show he pulls off is just his way to hide he’s insecurities and vulnerability, which is were I’m heading next. He’s very insecure about himself, so please always try to make him feel valuable. Make him feel that he can fully trust you, tell him that it’s okay not to be perfect, explain to him how every single person is different and how beautiful he is just the way he is and it only takes the right person to notice all the beautiful things that make him who he is. But most important, be ready to comfort him when he breaks. Please remember to hold him tied. As you may have noticed already, he has these spontaneous moments where he just lets everything out. On the day he can act like if he didn’t care about a shit, but then when the night comes and he’s lonely and doesn’t feel the pressure of people on him, he reflects on what he’s done and he will apologize. He will send you several paragraphs telling you how sorry he is and explaining to you what “happened”. As you can see he’s a boy who struggles with his feelings and emotions, so It will always be hard to him to express to you what he sincerely means, so please be patient. Believe me, he really loves you it’s just hard for him to accept it and to compromise with everything that comes with that feeling. One thing you never have to doubt is that he’ll always try his very best to make you happy and to not screw it up, even though he will screw up. When he gets mad it’s actually quite funny because no matter how furious he is with you, he won’t manage to keep his distance from you. Want a tip? Whenever you get mad at him, or whenever he makes a mistake, give him the silence treatment and you will have him on your feet in no time. I don’t know why but for some reason he can’t stand someone moving on from him, so when he doesn’t feel your attention, whenever he feels that he’s losing you… he will rich to you and it will be adorable the small actions of love he will use to get you back. He’s the one that taught me how you don’t need big actions to show someone you care about them, he showed me how a simple post-it-note can say so much more than a 30 line poem. I’m telling you, he’s going to be quite a challenge, but that’s just because he’s so exceptional. He’s got such a big heart… I promise you, he’s going to bring so much joy and technic-colors to your life that you’re going to develop this desire to just wanting to be with him all the time. I could go on and on and tell you more about him but I’m going to leave that to you cause I simply can’t keep going. All I ask you is to please take care of him, to please be patient with him, I know he drives you nuts sometimes but that’s just because he loves you, that’s just who he is. I know he can be way too hyper and annoying at times, but then again that’s just who he is; he’s a ball of energy! Please don’t make my same mistake…please don’t give up on him the way I did. He deserves another chance, please help him learn what the word “appreciate” really means. Trust me, he needs you. He needs to have somebody by his side to be there for him, please don’t let him lose you. I don’t want him to lose you. I don’t want him to be alone again cause if he permitted you to enter to his heart it was because he really felt something… he saw on you the same light he saw on me, maybe even brighter. He felt that he could completely trust in you, and believe me, It’s really hard for him to show the real him to people, so you should feel lucky. Finally, please take care of him, please be there for him cause I can’t… I mean, I couldn’t anymore. Please make him happy, please make him laugh, please, please make those beautiful eyes sparkle, and please every time after taking a picture make sure that he smiles, if he does… then it means he’s dancing on air happy with you.



P.S. if you doubt whether he truly loves you, trust me, he does. If not, he wouldn’t had given you this letter.


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